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Roundtable - Registration of IDP Real Estate

On March 2, 2021, the Association held a roundtable discussion on "Problems regarding the Registration of IDP Real Estate in Uncontrolled Areas." The event was hosted/facilitated by Julia Kharashvili and Marina Pochkhua. The meeting provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss one of the most important issues for IDPs - the problems related to the registration of IDPs' real estate in uncontrolled areas.

Experts, local non-governmental organizations working on IDP issues, representatives of international organizations, the Public Defender's Office and decision-makers from various agencies have participated in the discussion. Today, 7 Applications are in the public registry only. It needs to be determined, whether a pre-registration certificate can be used so that after the death of the person, it will be possible to recognize/certify the inheritance. There was talk of the possibility of pre-registration of the property.

The event has been conducted within the framework of the IDP Women's Association "Consent" project "Together for Our Rights" with the financial support of the German organization "Bröt für die Welt".


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