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Problem-solving in Muzhava village

In the frames of the “Together for our rights” project of the Internally Displaced Women Association “Consent” (with the financial support of the German Organization Brot fur die Welt) upon the request of the Muzhava community, a high fence was arranged near the school stadium. Since a river runs along the stadium, when dropping the ball into the river while playing, children were trying to get it back, which put them into danger. As a result, several cases of getting injuries among children took place. Currently, the problem is solved and there is a safe environment for the children to play.

With the financial assistance of the Brot fur die Welt, the project aims to strengthen and include IDPs, conflict-affected women and their family members into public life; protect the rights of the groups mentioned in the Human Rights Strategy and other state documents; monitor the implementation of the commitments made by the government; and support the implementation of the Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.


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