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Probation period of mobile group in framework of "House of support" project

Since January 21st 2021, homecare services are being carried out as a part of a probation period, which will be completed on October 30th. During the probation period:

With the support of local authorities and organizations, the first beneficiaries of homecare services were found. During this process, mobile groups, together in both municipalities, made up to 60 initial visits to nursing homes and, based on initial assessments, selected 12 elderly in Gori and 15 in Dmanisi to conduct detailed individual assessments, develop a needs plan, and provide home care services.

Since August 16th , mobile groups started providing homecare services adjusted to individual needs for 10 elderly beneficiaries in Gori Municipality and 11 in Dmanisi Municipality. In Dmanisi Municipality, 10 beneficiaries live in the city of Dmanisi and 1 lives in rural area; In Gori Municipality, 8 beneficiaries of the project live in the village of Bershueti, and 2 in the village of Variani;

Nursing home team nurses and drivers/technical managers carry out the following types of care: Planning and arranging doctor visits; assistance in following the prescribed treatment; promoting physical activity; wound healing; control of vital functions; assistance in household activities, personal hygiene, purchase of products and medicines, etc .;

Home care mobile teams are guided by a specially designed internal protocol to protect against the spread of Covid-19. Visits to the home are carried out with appropriate equipment and in compliance with the rules of prevention of the spread of the virus. All team members are tested regularly, twice a week, for an antigen test.


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