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Leaders’ Academy: Handing out Certificates

The “Leaders’ Academy” of the IDPWA “Consent” continues to function as a part of the project “Together for our rights”. Three months of in-person training in the city of Khoni of Zugdidi region were conducted. The participants are IDPs and/or conflict-affected local women, men and young people, as well as municipality workers of various levels.

Nowadays, self-governance is accountable to the central government, which makes it difficult for civilians to be actively engaged in self-governance processes. Consequently, strengthening civilians still remains priority. The Leaders’ Academy in different regions of Georgia serves this priority.

In April 2023 4 conclusive trainings were conducted in Khoni: Conflicts in our daily life; domestic violence and public services in this direction; advocacy and cyber security.

On April 21st the participants were given certificates, also plans for future cooperation were discussed.


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