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International Day of Rural Women

On October 17, to celebrate the International Day of Rural Women, the Women's Association of Zugdidi held an event in the building of the Music School in Zugdidi, Samegrelo region. The event was organized with the great support and participation of Zugdidi City Hall.

The event was attended by 113 people, among them were: non-governmental organizations, small entrepreneurs, women living alongside the conflict division line and IDPs living in rural areas, people of various professions as well as unemployed. The follow 18 Women from 9 villages were awarded with joint certificates and symbolic gifts by the Zugdidi City Hall and Women's Association: Rukhi-Fatima Papava; Zamira Kitia; Akhalabastumani-Khatuna Kemertelidze; Darejan Adonia ; Igiri-Emal Uridia; Tsiala Khupunia; Ganmukhuri-Mariam Nakopia; Dali Shakhlandze; Tkaia - Ubilava Lira; Julieta Khvichava; Koki-Ia Rogava; Sopho Chikava; Rike-Diana Papava; Kristina Pipia; Khurcha-Nino Kikvadze; Keti Darsania; Anaklia-Albina Kvaraia; Shushanik Tsurtsumia.

On October 15, the Day of Rural Women is celebrated. In Georgia, as in the rest of the world, rural women simultaneously take on several important roles and engage in productive agricultural, reproductive, family and care-related and community activities. Nevertheless, women's work is often unpaid and invisible. Although women play a special role in social and economic development of communities and regions through their activities, their contribution is often not properly recognized. At the same time, in Georgia, the responsibilities related to agriculture are strictly segregated by gender, which means that women perform tasks that are traditionally considered their main duties..


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