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Claudia Arpa visited Gori's office

The delegation familiarizes themselves with the work of the project implementer organizations – Hilfswerk International and IDPWA “Consent”, engaged with staff and beneficiaries, gaining insights into the challenges faced by the elderly and the work undertaken by the home care teams. Professionals from the home care teams presented information about the specific needs of the elderly and the difficulties encountered in their daily work. The delegation also had the opportunity to observe the handicrafts crafted by the elderly at the day care center.

The "House of Support" and "Healthy Aging Center" operate as part of the project, "House of Support - Services for a dignified life of the elderly in Georgia and Bosnia-Herzegovina," focusing on the municipalities of Dmanisi and Gori. The project is financed by the Austrian Development Agency.

The "Houses of Support" serve to elderly individuals requiring home care, delivering professional and Austrian-standard nursing, medical, domestic, and psycho-social support directly to their residences. Presently, 51 elderly individuals in both regions benefit from the comprehensive services offered by multidisciplinary home care teams.

"Healthy Ageing Centers" that are functioning in Dmanisi, Gori and Kazreti municipalities aim at promoting active, healthy, and independent lives for older individuals. Approximately 30 elderly people visit each center daily, participating in a range of educational, artistic, and sports activities.


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