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A Training in Tskaltubo

On June 16th the IDPWA “Consent” held a training on “Gender, Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women” for 25 women from 11 villages of Tskaltubo in meeting hall of the City Hall. The training was conducted in collaboration with the City Hall. It was initiated and organized by the Advisor to the Mayor on Gender Issues Irma Kheladze.

The training was attended by 25 women of different ages. First topic discussed was Gender. In order to provide detailed explanations for the terms “gender”, “gender stereotypes”, “gender equality” slides were used. The group was very active and interactive.

The topic of domestic violence and violence against women was relevant to every participant. After getting to know about the forms of violence, the participants started to share their personal experiences as examples. They also discussed factors causing violence. The participants got acquainted with legal definitions of the relevant concepts, which caused a lot of questions. All of the questions were discussed and answered. Among participants there were teachers from local schools who requested to hold a training about one of the forms of violence – bullying.


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