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A meeting with Gori Mayor Representatives in Bakuriani

IDPWA “Consent” has implemented numerous projects in Gori municipality and still continues to work on increasing civil involvement in implementation of action plan on “Women, Peace and Security”, carrying out public monitoring, increasing human security for conflict-affected women and youth and contributing to realization of their rights.

Apart from that, it takes a lot of work to strengthen local municipality. That and mutual cooperation were the main topics of the two-days long meeting with Gori municipality representatives in Bakuriani on the 11th and 12th of April.

The main topic of the meeting was the fourth action plan on “Women, Peace and Security”, its realization, possibility of localization and the necessity to do so.

The discussion was arranged regarding civil awareness and improvement of access to the information. Participants completed some practical exercises, which made it possible to conduct a basic analysis of the situation of people living in respectful administrative units and prepare maps for civilians regarding all the levels that they have to face while dealing with municipality services.

Some required training topics were defined: assistance in resolving neighborhood disputes, advocacy, and preparation of project proposals to obtain additional resources.


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