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Covid-19 resilience in Armenia and Georgia


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented social and economic disturbances in Georgia and Armenia that also immensely impacted the everyday lives of ordinary people in local communities. To combat the effects of the pandemic and increase the resilience of Covid-19 affected women, girls, men and boys, Hilfswerk International (HWI) together with its local partner organization IDP Women Association “Consent” (IDPWA) participate in the project „CoNaKa - Covid-19 resilience in Armenia and Georgia” implemented in a consortium with Austrian Red Cross and Caritas Austria as well as their local partners, Georgia Red Cross, Armenian Red Cross Society and “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO.”



As elderly are one of the most affected groups, HWI and IDPWA strive with their project activities to combat the effects of the pandemic on socially vulnerable and socially isolated elderly persons in need of support to manage their everyday lives and seeking social interaction. This is achieved through i) Covid-19 sensitive mobile care, ii) professionally-led healthy ageing activities (in person and online), iii) inter-generational exchange and iv) awareness raising for elderly issues.

Project activities thereby focus only on Georgia, and therein on two regions (Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli).

The project is also closely linked with and complements the ongoing ADA Framework Program “Services for a dignified life of Elderly in Georgia and BIH” jointly implemented by HWI and IDPWA with local and BiH partners.


Main Activities

  • Distributing personal protective equipment to mobile care and healthy ageing staff and, upon need, elderly

  • Rendering Covid-19 sensitive high-quality mobile care services to the most vulnerable elderly

  • Professionalizing healthy ageing activities through complementing self-organized activities by expert-run offers (in-person and online consultations, activities and events)

  • Fostering inter-generational exchange between trained young volunteers and elderly and increasing IT-connectivity of elderly

  • Creating additional income opportunities for active, skilled pensioners for serving and rendering support to Covid-19-affected vulnerable families

  • Awareness raising for elderly issues through publications and trainings for local healthcare staff.

Target groups and final beneficiaries of HWI/IDPWA

520 direct beneficiaries (>60% female) from Gori, Dmanisi and Bolnisi municipalities

  • 40 mobile care, healthy ageing professionals and volunteers receiving personal protective equipment

  • 30 young volunteers trained and involved in inter-generational exchange with 50-60 elderly

  • 30 active pensioners support 30 vulnerable families

  • 160 elderly benefit from healthy ageing activities

  • 90-100 elderly receive Covid-19-sensitive mobile care services, with a focus on most vulnerable elderly

  • 20 rural health care staff trained on elderly issues

Project details

Project duration: May 2021 – August 2024

Project implemented by Hilfswerk International (HWI) in cooperation with
IDP Women Association “Consent” (IDPWA) in coordination with Austrian Red Cross and Georgia Red Cross.

Contact Information

Nicole Maria Bauer, HWI HQ
Regional Manager BiH & South Caucasus

Mob: +43 676 87 87 68 011


Iulia Kharashvili, IDPWA
Chairperson and Project director
Phone: +995 591 116 020

Project financed by Austrian Development Cooperation

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